Geoffrey Giles, Partner at Geoffrey Lynn Giles and Associates Law Offices

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  • Date Recorded: July 15, 2021
  • Interviewer: Jon Rosen

Summary: In this interview, Geoffrey Giles describes his work as a bankruptcy lawyer, as well as his later concentration specifically on residential mortgages. Giles discusses initiatives to fight predatory lending, such as the NCLC’s Foreclosure Mediation Program, and their pros and cons. Also, Giles recounts on his experiences within the court room, especially within the Nevada Federal District and Supreme Court systems, and the biases judges and mediators may have.

Biography: Geoffrey Giles is a founding partner at Geoffrey Giles and Associates, a law firm in Reno, Nevada. For nearly 40 years, Giles has practiced in Northern Nevada focusing on foreclosure, consumer protection and immigration issues. Additionally, Giles founded the Northern Nevada Bankruptcy Bar Association in 1989 and was certified in both Business and Consumer Bankruptcy. Giles holds a J.D. from Southern Illinois University and a M.B.A. from Southern Illinois.