Government Sub-Category: Appointed

The oral histories listed here include the interviews that we conducted with players that were appointed to serve in policymaking in the run up to the financial crisis. Click on the person’s name for their information and interview, and click on their role for more information about their position.

Name: Susan Choe Role: Former Section Chief of Consumer Protection, Ohio Attorney General’s Office

Name: Prentiss Cox Role: Former Minnesota Assistant Attorney General

Name: Alan Hirsch Role: Former NC Deputy Attorney General

Name: Kathleen Keest Role: Assistant Attorney General, Iowa Office of the Attorney General

Name: Robert Kucab Role: Former Executive Director of the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency

Name: Philip Lehman Role: Former Assistant Attorney General in the Consumer Production Division of the North Carolina Department of Justice

Name: Patrick Madigan Role: Assistant Attorney General – Consumer Protection Division, Iowa Attorney General’s Office

Name: David McLaughlin Role: Former Deputy Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General of Georgia

Name: Mark Pearce Role: Former Chief Deputy Commissioner of Banks, North Carolina Office of the Commissioner of Banks

Name: Anthony Polidori Role: Consumer Finance Bureau Chief, Idaho Department of Finance Sub-Category: Appointed

Name: Sarah Bloom Raskin Role: Former Commissioner of Financial Regulation for Maryland

Name: Joseph A. Smith Role: Former North Carolina Commissioner of Banks

Name: David Stevens Role: Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner