Saul Sanders

Co-Founder of C-BASS [Credit-Based Asset Servicing and Securitization]

saul sanders - Saul Sanders

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A veteran of the asset-backed security business and the co-founder of Credit-Based Asset Servicing, C-BASS, Saul Sanders discusses his early years establishing non-agency MBS and ABS businesses at Citibank and Goldman Sachs. Sanders shares his experience with founding and operating C-BASS, which engaged in purchasing, servicing, securitizing, and selling mortgages. He notes the evolution of institutional investors from the early days of mortgage-backed securities to the years preceding the crisis, as well as the entrance of new players and products to the residential mortgage market. As a pioneer of collateralized debt obligations, Sanders provides insight on the role of rating agencies, as well as the business practices of larger securitizing and servicing companies. He concludes by discussing the evolution of mortgage-backed securities from their inception up until the crash in 2008.

Date Recorded:
March 8, 2021

Interviewed by:
Maria Paz Rios


Saul Sanders began his career in 1975 working for Deloitte & Touches as a CPA. In 1978, he switched to work at Citicorp, which he left in 1984 to help start Goldman Sachs’s ABS and MBS businesses as a Vice President with the firm. Sanders returned to Citicorp in 1988, where he served as a Managing Director for Single Family and Commercial Real Estate Securitization. In 1996, he left to co-found C-BASS [Credit-Based Asset Servicing and Securitization]. Following his time with C-BASS, Sanders founded and then served as Co-CEO of Shellpoint Partners until 2018, when he retired. Sanders graduated with a B.S. in Finance in 1974 and an MBA in Finance, both from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business in 1975.

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