Mark Goldhaber

Former Senior Vice President for Genworth Financial (formerly GE Mortgage Insurance)

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A long-time executive within the mortgage industry, Mark Goldhaber discusses his experiences within Freddie Mac and GE Mortgage insurance, along with how the 2008 financial crisis reshaped the mortgage insurance business. Goldhaber also details the insurance industry’s approach to risk management and coverage before and during the crisis, while reflecting on the emergence of several specific predatory products during the 1990s and 2000s. Throughout, he takes note of institutional dynamics and interactions as the residential mortgage ecosystem evolved in the two decades leading up to the Global Financial Crisis.

Date Recorded:
May 28, 2020

Interviewed by:
Maria Paz Rios


Mark Goldhaber is currently a principal at Goldhaber Policy Services, where he focuses on government relationships and issue management in the areas of mortgage finance and financial services. Previously, Goldhaber served as a Senior Vice President for Genworth Financial (formerly GE Mortgage Insurance) from 1988-2012. While serving in this position, Goldhaber spearheaded the organization’s government relations, where he focused on advocating policy positions for the firm, especially in regard to affordable housing and expanding homeownership opportunities. A veteran of the mortgage industry, Goldhaber joined the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation [Freddie Mac] in 1984 as Vice President of Public Affairs. In this role, Goldhaber frequently engaged with Congressional, State, and Executive branches. From 1981-1983 Goldhaber also held various legislative and regulatory positions with the Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD] and the Federal Housing Administration [FHA]. Before that, Goldhaber started his career working with Congressman George O’Brien and consequently with the National Republican Congressional committee. In 2014, Mr. Goldhaber was honored with the Harold Scharper Award by the University of Illinois for attaining outstanding success and distinction in his field. Mark Goldhaber holds a Bachelor of Arts from American University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Illinois College of Law.