Lawrence Baxter

Former Wachovia Corporation Chief eCommerce Officer

lawrence baxter - Lawrence Baxter

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Date Recorded:
March 26, 2020

Interviewed by:
Andrew Carlins


Lawrence G. Baxter is the David T. Zhang Professor of the Practice of Law at Duke University where he is also faculty director of the Global Financial Markets Center and researches and teaches in the areas of financial regulation and administrative law. Prior to his current role as a professor, Baxter served as the chief eCommerce officer for Wachovia Corporation from 2001 to 2006. He joined Wachovia Bank in 1995, first as special counsel for Strategic Development and later as corporate executive vice president, founding Wachovia’s Emerging Businesses and Insurance Group and eBusiness Group. Since leaving Wachovia in 2006, Baxter has acted as a consultant and adviser to members of the online security industry and various Internet startup businesses in the care-giving, entertainment, social networking, and recruiting sectors. Baxter received his LLB and BComm, Business from the University of Natal, where he also received a PhD in Law and Government Regulation. He received his Diploma in Legal Studies and LLM at the University of Cambridge.

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