Kris Slayden

Chief of the Resource Planning and Support Services Unit

kris slayden - Kris Slayden

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Kris Slayden, Chief of the Resource Planning and Support Services Unit in Florida’s Office of State Courts, speaks in this interview about the recent history of the state’s court system as a way to contextual aspects of the post-2008 foreclosure crisis. Slayden details the funding deficits that the court system regularly encountered before 2008, which the foreclosure crisis only worsened. She describes Florida’s status as a judicial state, the massive court backlog that occurred as a result of the rise in foreclosures and the practice of robosigning, and the report of a working group charged with reducing the backlog. Slayden observes that the state implemented some of the working group’s recommendations, such as an expansion of general magistrate referral capabilities and increased reliance on retired judges.

Date Recorded:
June 23, 2021


Kris Slayden is Chief of the Resource Planning and Support Services of Florida’s Office of the State Courts Administrator.  With over 30 years of federal and state government experience, she directs staff support to the statewide Trial Court Budget Commission, Due Process Workgroup, and various other budget and workload committees.  She is responsible for the development of legislative budget requests, allocation of resources, and forecasts for state and court-specific revenues. Kris is a graduate of Florida State University, with a Master of Science in Economics, and is a Certified Public Manager.