Mortgage Enforcement Actions (MEAs): Data

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An MEA is a court document issued by the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks (NCCOB) summarizing the North Carolina regulated mortgage enforcement actions. The 2001 Mortgage Lending Law mandated new licensing requirements for non-bank mortgage lenders (bank personnel were not required to be licensed), brokers, loan officers, etc., and it clarified jurisdiction to the NCCOB to issue licenses, enforce the NC Predatory Lending Act and MLA, and enforce against individuals and mortgage lending firms.

Licensing requirements include a detailed application including the applicant’s financial condition, credit history, qualifications, business history, and prior legal problems. Prohibited actions include brokering a loan in violation of the NC Predatory Lending Law, misrepresenting or concealing facts, and fraud.

A summary of the MLA can be found at the Coalition for Responsible Lending’s site

In addition, the Secure and Fair Enforcement Act of 2009 repealed and replaced the MLA. The NC SAFE Act imposed tighter regulations on loan servicers.

Data Description

The data has been pulled from the NCCOB site located at An MEA is identified by its docket number, which is usually the last two digits of the year and three digits. This is usually listed on the first page. For example, 09:160 MBB is the docket number of an MEA with an order date of 2009. MEAs with an order date from 2003 to 2009 were used. 175 documents were used.

One document was not included in the 175 documents because it was missing. The MEA 07:141 MBB is missing from the NCCOB site.

MEAs have the general structure:

  1. Findings of Fact
    1. Summary of court testimonies and court actions
    2. Lists the evidence and reasoning that prompted the MEA (e.g. failure to disclose felony)
  2. Conclusions of Law
    1. Application of MLA in context, jurisdiction, Commissioner’s ruling
    2. Citation(s) of NC General Statutes relevant to the matter
  3. Order
    1. Result and action (e.g. revocation of license)

Each MEA is signed by the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks. Some MEAs include additional documents such as a Voluntary Surrender Statement that can add additional information (such as specific violations or relevant geographic locations) on the matter.

Of the 175 documents, 76 have an action type of Voluntary Surrender and Order, 66 have Order and Decision, and 24 have Consent Order. 2008 has the largest number of MEAs, 72.